Disruption in most forms brings equal parts threats and opportunities. However, the latter can be achieved only if approached and leveraged correctly, placing the capacity for agility and, dare we say, creativity at the center of success. In a business context, this applies to both the mindset for navigating disrupted landscapes and the technical prowess for harnessing the opportunity that lies within.

CCITAGS 2019 will help you interact with leading experts in everything from AI, Agile Auditing, the Internet of Things, Public Policy, Resilience and much more to help you meet the challenges you face now and tomorrow!

Earn 1 CPE/CPD credit per session attended.

Event Details

Option 1: Canadian Conference on IT Audit, Governance and Security

April 2-3, 2019
This conference features plenary as well as concurrent sessions from top IT industry and professional services leaders on a variety of “hot topics”, each of which encompasses different aspects of IT Audit, Governance and Security.

This impressive, jam-packed program will refocus you and your team on the practical information IT and senior financial professionals need in order to expand your knowledge and sharpen your competitive edge.

Earn a total of 19 CPE/CPD credits.

Option 2: Fundamentals of Internal Audit Workshop

April 4, 2019
Facilitator: Craig McGuffin

This two-day workshop is designed to provide new IT assurance and control professionals with the core skills needed by all Information Technology Auditors. You will review and understand key audit and control principles, as well as many practical techniques, which are all necessary to complete a wide range of IT audit assignments within today’s complex computing and networking environments.

Earn a total of 19 CPE/CPD credits.

Option 3: Workshop + 1 day of conference

Option to attend the two day workshop and the last day of the conference.