David Long

By March 6, 2018Speakers

B.Sc. Computer Mathematics.
CEO, SageTea Inc.

David Long graduated from Carleton University with a B.Sc. Computer Mathematics. At Carleton he studied Smalltalk, C/C++, Scheme along with Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Linux and Complexity Theory. He is a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces Reserve, Governor General’s Foot Guards (1990-1995). He was the top candidate on his Infantry Section Commander Course and was the youngest Master Corporal in his unit at the time. From there he went on to spend the next 20 years in the high tech industry starting with designing Electronic Warfare Systems at Defense Research Establishment. His work experience includes design of software architectures, project management, real time / control systems, communications/military applications. He has worked at Software Kinetics, XWave, Nortel, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad (Dallas/Fort Worth), Merrill Lynch (New York/USA), Dell Canada, Honda Canada Manufacturing (Alliston Ontario) and Government of Canada.

David is a survivor of the September 11th attacks. Afterwards he founded SageTea and went on to author the company’s first patent entitled: “System and Method to Transform a Complex Database Into a Simple, Faster, and Equivalent Database” along with pioneering SageTea’s Text-to-Software. Drawing on his understanding of the software industry, he created a solution to the high cost and inflexible nature of current software programming. Text-to-Software is a unique and powerful platform for software development and database management.

David incorporated the company to take Text-to-Software to market. Along with President, Scott MacGregor, they raised over $2M of start-up capital during the early stages of the company.