Jer Thorp

By January 3, 2018Speakers

When Twitter, Microsoft, and Facebook need an expert to analyze their data, who do they turn to? The answer is JER THORP—the most respected Data Artist in America (what he does goes far beyond analysis). By creating multi-dimensional, visually stunning projects, often using hundreds of square feet of imagery and billions of pieces of data, THORP makes data visible—and changes the way we think and act.

As a data artist, Jer Thorp shows us the human stories within endless scrolls of information, expressing trends, movements, and economics through vibrant graphics (and public art) seen by hundreds of millions of people. The new Innovator-in-Residence at the Library of Congress, a National Geographic Fellow, former Data Artist-in-Residence at The New York Times, and Artist-in-Residence at the Museum of Modern Art, Thorp is also a brilliant marketing speaker. He tracks consumers in ways few digital experts can—contextualizing their behavior, personalizing the anonymous, and frequently validating the work of digital marketers. A mesmerizing, funny, and socially engaged activist—often working at the juncture of social justice, technology, marketing, and art—Thorp reveals what we normally, and understandably, could never see in ‘big data.’ And he’s got the coolest graphics you’re going to see on stage.